I am a political philosopher with a specialization in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE). My research interests span education policy, collective decision-making, institutional design, and the history of political thought.

I have followed my passion for ideas across three different continents and counting. When I’m not writing next to a flat white, you will find me walking, biking, hiking (often while listening to podcasts), debating, dissecting politics, or pretending I’m a contestant on Chopped in my kitchen.

Current Employment

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2021 –
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Past Employment

Australian National University, 2019 – 2021
Lecturer (eq. Assistant Professor) in the School of Politics and IR

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2017 – 2019
Research Assistant Professor in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics


Duke University

Contact Info

Email: alexandraroprea (at) gmail.com

Please note the “r” between my first and last name. (It is a made up initial that stands in for “Romanian” and helps when choosing a unique ID.)